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Smart Borrowing

Choosing the right repayment option is a very important decision. Most lenders offer three options: immediate, interest-only, and deferred repayment. Slide the red bars below to reflect your loan amount, interest rate, and length of borrowing. The bar graph will change to show the total amount you’ll pay under each option.

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All total cost figures are estimates, based on information you provide.

This calculator is provided exclusively as an informational tool. All total cost amounts calculated are estimates provided for illustration purposes only and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Private student loans may have certain limits (such as maximum loan amounts, maximum repayment terms, minimum monthly payment requirements and minimum interest rates and fees) that this calculator does not accommodate.

The total cost of your loan may be different from the estimates provided here depending on the terms of the loan program you select and changes in the variable interest rate on the loan. Your use of this calculator does not ensure the availability of any loan product.