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Smart Borrowing

The cost of going to college today is certainly high. And depending on your choice of colleges, it could be more than you'd ever imagine. Private colleges are typically more expensive than public colleges. Going to a school far from home may be more expensive because of transportation costs. And even at the same school, some programs will cost more than others because of fees and the cost of course materials. It's smart to consider all these things when you estimate how much you'll have to pay.

What will the college part cost?

  1. Search by school or by state to find tuition plus room and board
  2. Then add up additional expenses like school supplies and insurance

The Loan Cost Calculator

See how the choice of your repayment option affects the total amount you pay back.

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The most difficult part about the loan process can be getting started. The 5Rs worksheet can help make taking the first step easier.

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